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The YourWayHome Team at Fathom is expanding nationwide and hiring just one agent in each market area.

What’s all the buzz about?

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” - Tony Robbins

Your Dream Job Awaits


  • Sales Agents: We employ just one agent in each locale and have a very limited number of positions available.  We provide all of the leads and all of the marketing and technology.  Your job is to become the expert on your local community, every homebuilder and new community inside and out while providing concierge level service to our clients.  Please apply below.
    *If you’re applying for Colorado, please apply here.
  • Loan Officer Positions: Our lending division has some incredible opportunities for experienced loan officers. Please apply here.

We were recently featured in Inman News.  Read about it here.

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“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” -Norman Vincete Peale

Who Is Fathom

The future of the real estate brokerage. 

How? Fathom is a cloud-based, technology-driven, full-service real estate brokerage providing our agents with the industry’s best commission splits … all without compromising on providing the effective training and the highest level of support our agents deserve.

Our agents keep more of their hard-earned commission and therefore are able to reinvest more money back into their marketing and serving their clients. It’s no wonder our agents are some of the highest producing agents in the industry.

It’s no wonder Fathom Realty was ranked on the Inc.500 as one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the nation.


Who Is YourWayHome

Fueled for rapid expansion.

The Your Way Home Team, backed by Andrew Batson since 1992, have been offering unsurpassed service and leading-edge marketing to help clients with their next big move—whether that’s selling or buying a new or resale home. You won’t find a more professional team of Realtors.

Now, we’re changing the way people buy and build new homes by bringing together all the people, expertise and real-time data in one place to make sure you get the new home you want, with the support of a full-service agency.  With plenty of funding to fuel rapid expansion and a dream team of technology gurus and marketing experts, it is sure to succeed.

Our licensed Realtors live and work across the United States in their respective new home territory. They are the true experts on their community and the new home builders in their region. They meet with their local builders, both the national ones and the local ones, and explain we want to help them sell more homes.  We offer to help open houses on their spec homes and they love that!  We also let them know that we have a great deal — when someone wants to sell their current home to buy a new one, we’ll sell it with a 1% listing commission (plus the buyer’s agent co-op).

What Makes The Your Way Home Team So Special?

So What is a New Home Specialist?

As an agent, new homes are easy to sell (shiny new object syndrome), but it’s kind of a pain to shop for them online.  You never quite know what you’ll get, whether you are seeing the real price or the base price, and you could spend half the day bouncing around to every builder’s website that comes to mind — so we built a website for every new home community, problem solved.

Here is where you fit in.  To start, you’re given an exclusive territory to generate leads.  We’ve developed the only real estate team’s coast to coast website devoted to new homes — and homebuyers are flocking to it.  Our marketing and advertising budget don’t hurt, but it really is a great site.  In fact, we guarantee you’ll receive a minimum of 30 leads a month, although many of our team members are benefitting from receiving a larger quantity of leads.

We’re successful because of the support systems we have in place.  Within five minutes of a lead registering on our site, one of our super friendly Inside Sales Agents is reaching out by phone and text and they keep it up for at least ten days until they connect.  We also have automated texting services, voicemail delivery, awesome drip campaigns and a bunch of other magic that helps nurture these leads along until they are ready to buy with the best agent in the area (hopefully that’s you).

That’s just the start.  Keep scrolling and find out just how different we really are.

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle

The YourHomeBenefit Program

As if dozens of leads aren’t enough, we have one more secret weapon to turn you into a rock star agent. We’ve created an incredible program guaranteed to magnify your sphere of influence and increase your referral business.  You can read about it here www.YourHomeBenefit.com, but in a nutshell, it’s an employee benefit program that you offer to local employers.

There’s no cost or administration to the employer so it’s a super easy sell and it gives you a foot in the door to meet with dozens or hundreds of new faces while offering a great value.  You’ll even earn referral fees for employees moving to or from other areas.

Best of all, the clients generated from the YourHomeBenefit are paid at your “full” commission.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can always adjust my sails to reach my destination.” - Jimmy Dean

How Our In-House Lending Makes Your Job Soooo Much Easier

Our founder’s 25-year career has been intertwined with real estate, mortgage lending, building, and technology so it’s no surprise that lending is part of our secret sauce. Our national lending partner is fully integrated with our CRM system so when a lead comes in, it is assigned to our ISA, loan officer and you (the agent) immediately. Your lending colleague works hand-in-hand with you following up with leads. We’re all on the same team, making transactions so much smoother.

As an added bonus our local loan officers (we have over 150 local branch offices) will attend YourHomeBenefit presentations to local employers along with you, and introduce you to companies they may have contacts with so you can further enlarge your referral base.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

Who Is A Good Fit

The greatest reward is always given to those that step out of the box, take a chance, and climb to new heights. 

We take extraordinary individuals and supercharge their efforts with the power of our team and technology. The ideal candidate for the job is passionate about helping people achieve their real estate dreams.  You adore your community and know the schools, restaurants, and neighborhoods. You’ve got to be comfortable with technology. Attention to detail is important, as is good writing and verbal communication skills.

You lean strongly towards being an extrovert, yet still, pay attention to the details of the contract process.  We expect our agents to represent our team with a professional dress, attention to detail, and prompt, courteous replies to all communication.

The right agent has the drive and tenacity to achieve or exceed our productivity standards, while effectively assisting customers with their inquiries.

We won’t ask you to door knock but you do need to be comfortable building repertoire face to face with the new home sales agents.  And we won’t ask you to cold call, but you do need to be persistent in following up with every lead by phone.

You must work full-time. We require at least two years of real estate sales experience with at least six closed transactions.

We provide tons of training, but this is a job for someone that knows the basics.

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We’ve got a pretty spectacular business model. Once you apply we can share more specifics, but here are some highlights.

  • 30 or more leads guaranteed per month
  • YourHomeBenefit program included at no cost — Drive local referrals
  • Industry-leading CRM system, automated marketing
  • Exclusive new home marketing territories
  • Inside Sales Agent team responds to all inbound leads within minutes
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • In-House lenders make your job so much easier
  • Transaction management included when we are doing the lending
  • Your own personal website
  • No monthly desk fees
  • 90% split on your personal deals, including YourHomeBenefit transactions
  • 50% split on company generated leads
  • Just a $450 transaction fee on your first two deals each year
  • Then $99 broker review/E&O fee
  • $500 Annual Fee
  • Health benefits available
  • Stock options and equity rewards

We estimate 1/30 leads will close within 12 months. It will take some time to ramp up, but once you do, our leads can add twelve transactions a year to your production. We will help you cultivate your own book of business from your sphere of influence and the YourHomeBenefit program and our leads will help you build on that.

“All you need is the plan, the road map and the courage to press on to your destination.” -Earl Nightingale

Leaving the Nest

As entrepreneurs, we understand that the pursuit of your dreams and challenges of building your real estate business are a big part of why you chose the field.  It would bring us great joy to help you build your business up to the level where you are ready for a team of your own.

The experience and training we’ll give you (not to mention all the clients) will be a great foundation.  We may even help fund your expansion and outfit you with the tech resources you’ll need for your next big thing.  The model of our company rewards us as our own agents go on to build their own teams and we’ll be delighted to help you achieve your dreams.

I'm Interested!

Fill out an interest inquiry by clicking the link below.  We’ll keep things totally confidential and there is no obligation.  But don’t wait.  There are 1.2 million agents in the United States and we have just one agent for each group of new home communities.

We’ll review your inquiry and get in touch if it looks like we may be a good match. We have a multi-step selection and interview process and the first step is completing our inquiry form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt